Blueprint Boise Comprehensive Plan and Development Code Update

Boise, Idaho

Clarion Associates was retained to prepare a joint comprehensive plan and development code update for the City of Boise, Idaho. The Blueprint Boise process includes a complete overhaul of the city’s 1997 Comprehensive Plan with an emphasis on issues such as infill development, annexation, mixed-use development, and neighborhood involvement. The comprehensive plan portion of the process is being guided by a “Committee of Champions” and a Neighborhood Coalition comprised of representatives from the city’s many neighborhood associations. The development code process includes a complete reorganization and reformatting of the existing code, followed by targeted substantive amendments needed to implement key concepts that emerge from the comprehensive plan. The city’s decision to tackle both updates as part of a unified process was driven by ongoing development pressures, a lack of available tools to implement the types of development the community desires, and a strong commitment to streamline the timeline typically needed to complete the individual processes sequentially. The plan was adopted in November 2011. In 2012, the plan received the Public Policy and Planning Award from Idaho Smart Growth and the Outstanding Comprehensive Plan Award from the Idaho Chapter of the American Planning Association.