Clarion Associates


Clarion is a leader in community planning and plan implementation. Our directors and staff—comprised of AICP and LEED-accredited professionals, including urban planners, landscape architects, land use attorneys, and other specialists—have extensive experience organizing successful community-planning processes across the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with city and county staff, citizens, elected and appointed officials, and other diverse stakeholder groups to build consensus and promote ownership in the outcomes.

  • Natural Resource & Open Space Protection

    Clarion works with communities and agencies to develop best practices and tools to support natural resource and open space protection. The focus of these efforts has ranged from the conservation of agricultural land—to the protection of environmentally sensitive areas—to planning for hazards.

    Example projects include:

  • Urban Renewal & Reinvestment

    During the last 20 years, community planners have learned that studying how humans interact with the built environment is a vital component of urban design. That realization has changed how designers and developers approach building projects, and has helped to transform deteriorating areas into vibrant entertainment, shopping, and residential districts.

    Example projects include:

  • International Development

    Since 1995, Clarion professionals have been assisting governments in developing countries to improve the performance of their national and local governments and to strengthen their institutions of democracy.

    Example projects include:

    • Cross River State, Nigeria | Affordable Housing Plan and Strategy
    • India | Documentation and Evaluation of Slum Upgrading Programs
    • India | Evaluation of Mumbai Transferable Development Rights Program
    • India | Review and Recommendations to Master Plan Delhi 2021
    • Indonesia | Land Use Legislation Reform Strategy