Clarion Associates

Sustainability & Resiliency

Clarion Associates is recognized as a leader in sustainable plans and development codes. We have worked with a diverse array of communities and regions across the nation to explore policy and regulatory options and incentives with respect to sustainability and resilience, and to advance local understanding of 21st century issues like climate adaption. Clarion directors and staff have written and presented extensively on sustainability and resiliency best practices and are constantly seeking to advance our approaches to this rapidly evolving field. We work closely with our clients to understand local issues and priorities and to adapt best practices to meet their objectives.

  • Sustainable Practices

    Our Commitment

    We prioritize sustainability not only in our work but also within our daily operational practices. Our Sustainability Policy and Strategic Plan set the targets for our annual sustainability audits, creating intra-office transparency and accountability. We strive to continually reduce our environmental impact with a focus on our buildings’ operations and maintenance practices, waste management, continuing education, travel, carbon offsets, and consistent monitoring and evaluation.