Clarion Associates

Zoning & Land Use

Clarion Associates provides the full range of expertise that a community needs to prepare and adopt clear, innovative, and enforceable land use regulations. We have drafted effective regulations for dozens of communities throughout the United States.

  • Design Standards & Guidelines

    Clarion team members have significant experience in drafting standards to ensure that development respects and protects established neighborhoods and community character and meets local goals for high-quality building and site design and housing diversity. We are skilled at balancing economic development and revitalization objectives with the protection of established character. We also strongly support building flexibility and incentives into our codes to help avoid monotonous results and encourage creativity.

    Example projects include:

  • Infill, Mixed-Use, and Transit-Oriented Development

    Clarion has drafted numerous regulations and policies that distinguish between infill and new development, in terms of both design and development standards and review procedures. We recognize that many communities need a hierarchy of mixed-use districts that range from high-intensity areas surrounding transit stops and key activity nodes, to smaller-scale mixed-use areas that integrate well with established neighborhoods. With our breadth of experience in the areas of community planning, urban design, and implementation strategies, Clarion works collaboratively with communities to develop plans, policies, and regulations that support infill, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development.

    Example projects include:

  • Historic Preservation

    Clarion Associates has worked on numerous projects aimed at recognizing, protecting, and revitalizing historic places. Our expertise includes crafting historic district zoning and regulations, historic preservation plans, conservation districts, and analysis documenting the important economic and community-building benefits of preservation. Members of the firm appear regularly on national panels to discuss preservation issues sponsored by a range of organizations, such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Colorado Preservation, Inc., the Conservation Fund, the Appraisal Institute, and many others. Principals have produced significant publications on the topic.

    Example projects include:

    • Salt Lake City, Utah | Salt Lake City Historic Preservation Plan
    • San Antonio, Texas | Historic Design Guidelines and Standards
    • State of California | California Preservation Manual
    • State of Colorado | Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation
    • State of Michigan | Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation
  • Resort Community Planning and Regulation

    Clarion Associates has worked on numerous projects involving planning and plan implementation in resort communities around the country, from ski resorts to beach towns. Our experience in this interesting and challenging area of planning includes community plans, development codes, and innovative infrastructure finance strategies.

    Example projects include:

    • Carbondale, Colorado | Unified Development Code
    • Islamorada, Florida | Impact Fees
    • Jackson, Wyoming | Code and Fee Updates
    • Pitkin County, Colorado | Development Code
    • Santa Fe, New Mexico | Development Code
    • Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Design Standards