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Decatur, Alabama

Zoning Ordinance Update

Montgomery, Alabama

Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations Update

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Code Assessment and Updates
Comprehensive 5-Year Affordable Housing Study

Anchorage, Alaska

Fair Housing Regulatory Review
Land Use Ordinance Fair Housing Recommendations
Land Use Planning Ordinance
Off-Street Parking Ratios and Design Standards
Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance

Apache Junction, Arizona

Planned Community Development District

Buckeye, Arizona

Land Use Code Update

Flagstaff, Arizona

Growth Management Plan

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

General Plan and Development Code Update

Oro Valley, Arizona

Code Housekeeping Amendments

Pima County, Arizona

Transferable Development Rights Ordinance

Sahuarita, Arizona

Town Center & Mid-River Corridor Specific Plan

Sedona, Arizona

Land Development Code Update

Tucson, Arizona

Identification of Infill Barriers and Code Diagnosis
Land Use Code Reorganization and Streamlining
Sustainable Land Use Code Diagnosis and Integration

Bentonville, Arkansas

Potable Water, Wastewater, and Fire/EMS Development Impact Fees

Mississippi County, Arkansas

EPA Smart Growth Economic Development Toolkit

Chino, California

Chino Airport Smart Growth Demonstration Project

Lassen County, California

General Plan Update

Long Beach, California

Independent Study of Redevelopment

Los Angeles County, California

Fire Risk Reduction

Pasadena, California

Cultural Heritage Ordinance Revisions

Sacramento County, California

Development Code Revisions

San Diego, California

Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for San Diego International Airport
Best Practices/Governance Structures for Redevelopment
San Diego Airport Environs Growth Management Strategy

San Mateo County, California

Compatible Land Use Plan for San Francisco International Airport

State of California

California Preservation Manual

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Update of the Regional Plan Code of Ordinances

Adams County, Colorado

Balanced Housing Plan
Comprehensive Plan
Update Todd Creek Farms Cost Recovery/Impact Fee Study
TOD Regulations

Arapahoe County, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan, Impact Fees
Intergovernmental Strategy
Land Development Code Revisions
Lowry Range Sub-Area Plan

Arvada, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Update
Development Code Update

Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Northeast Plains Land Use Plan and Implementation Strategy (1999)
E-470 Corridor Design & Development Standards
Fitzsimons Boundary Area Blight Study and Urban Renewal Plan
Population Estimate
Subdivision Regulations
Unified Development Code Update

Avon, Colorado

Unified Development Code

Basalt, Colorado

Growth Management Strategy
Downtown Zoning Regulations

Berthoud, Colorado

Road Fee Program

Boulder, Colorado

Affordable Housing Best Practices Report
Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan - Land Use Planning and Scenarios Support
Curbside Management Policy and Program

Boulder County, Colorado

Transferable Development Credits Valuation

Brighton, Colorado

Residential Design Standards

Broomfield, Colorado

Open Space, Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan
Zoning and Development Code Assessment

Buena Vista, Colorado

Unified Development Code
Affordable Housing and Zoning Updates

Carbondale, Colorado

Unified Development Code
Alternatives Testing and Modeling

Castle Rock, Colorado

Castle Rock Vision 2030
Comprehensive Plan Update

Centennial, Colorado

Centennial Airport Joint Planning Area Land Use Plan
Affordable Housing Study and Zoning Updates

Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Planning for Hazards: Land Use Solutions for Colorado
Planning for Hazards Implementation Pilot Project
Colorado Communities Manual: Reducing Housing Costs through Regulatory Reform

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse Collaborative Planning Process

Colorado Department of Transportation

Rail-Oriented Development Handbook: Strategies & Tools to Support Passenger Rail

Colorado Open Lands

East Metro Area Open Space Plan

Colorado Preservation

Preservation for a Changing Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mixed-Use Zoning and Street Standards
Unified Development Ordinance

Commerce City, Colorado

C3 Vision Comprehensive Plan Update/Transportation Plan

Delta County, Colorado

Transferable Development Rights Study and System

Denver, Colorado

Airport Gateway Area Development Plan
Assessment of Barriers to Affordable Housing
Emerald Strands Interjurisdictional Parks and Open Space Plan
Light Rail Station Development Program
Stapleton Airport
Westerly Creek District Plan
Stapleton Airport Redevelopment Planning

Denver Regional Council of Governments

General Planning Services
Metro Vision Update

Dillon, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Review

Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Planning for Hazards: Land Use Solutions for Colorado
Planning for Hazards Implementation Pilot Project
Colorado Communities Manual: Reducing Housing Costs through Regulatory Reform
Model Land Use Code
Land Use On-Call Expert Services

Colorado Department of Transportation

Economic Benefits of Scenic Byways

Douglas County, Colorado

High Plateau Conservation Study
Land Use Code Regulatory Compliance Review

Eagle, Colorado

Land Use and Development Code

Eagle County, Colorado

Land Development Code

Elbert County, Colorado

Habitat Conservation Plan
Impact Fees

Englewood, Colorado

Cinderella City Shopping Center Reuse Study
Development Code Update

Erie, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code
Multi-family Design Standards

Estes Valley, Colorado

Joint Land Development Code

Evans, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Update

Fort Collins, Colorado

Affordable Housing Redevelopment Displacement Mitigation Strategies
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
Big Box Retail Design Standards
City Plan Update (2019)
Foothills Mall Existing Conditions Study
Downtown Civic Center Master Plan
I-25 Subarea Plan
Land Use Code
Mason Street Transportation Plan
Mountain Vista Subarea Plan
Nature in the City (2022 Updates)
Northside Neighborhoods Plan
Northwest Subarea Plan
Plan Fort Collins
Sustainability Services

Frisco, Colorado

Code Assessment
Code Reorganization and Reformat
Community Plan

Garfield County, Colorado

Zoning Code Update

Georgetown, Colorado

Historic Preservation and Zone District Regulations

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Annexation Impact Study
Confluence Study
Downtown Design Standards
Residential Design Standards
Development Regulations Assessment
Development Code Update

Grand County, Colorado

Growth Management Strategies

Grand Junction, Colorado

Development Code Refinements
Land Use and Development Code

Greeley, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Update

Gunnison County, Colorado

Performance Land Development Control System

Idaho Springs, Colorado

East End Overlay District

Keystone Policy Center

Colorado Water Dialogue Research

Lake County, Colorado

Development Code

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood City Center Parcel
Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulation Review

Lakewood/Golden, Colorado

West Corridor Light Rail Environmental Impact Statement

Larimer and Weld Counties, Colorado

Northern Colorado Regional Planning Study
Land Use Code Update

Larimer County, Colorado

Land Use Code Enforcement Recommendations
Plan for the Region Between Two Cities
Road and Park Impact Fee Program

Larimer County/Fort Collins, Colorado

Transferable Development Rights System

Littleton, Colorado

Zoning Ordinance Update

Longmont, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan and Multimodal Transportation Plan Update
Comprehensive Plan Update
Land Development Code

Louisville, Colorado

Road, Municipal, and Police Facility Fee Programs
TOD/Mixed-Use Zoning and Design Regulations

Lyons, Colorado

Lyons Thrive Comprehensive Plan

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan and Hazard Mitigation Plan
Planning for Hazards Pilot Community
Comprehensive Plan Update

Mesa County, Colorado

Development Code

Milliken, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan and Resiliency Update
Planning for Hazards Pilot Community

Northern Colorado

I-25 Corridor Design Standards

Northglenn, Colorado

Development Regulations Assessment
Unified Development Ordinance

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan
Land Use and Development Code

Parker, Colorado

Natural Area Protection and Parks/Open Space Ordinances
Overlay Zoning Districts
New Land Development Ordinanc

Pitkin County, Colorado

Affordable Housing Support Study & Implementation Legislation
Land Use Code
Park/Open Space
HHS and Affordable Housing Exaction Study and Fees
Updated Development Exactions

Pueblo, Colorado

Road Fee Program

Pueblo County, Colorado

Regional Comprehensive Plan
Unified Development Code

Rio Blanco County, Colorado

Impact Fee
Regional Comprehensive Plan

Rocky Ford, Colorado

Citizen’s Plan of Action

Routt County, Colorado

Impact Fee Feasibility Study
Stagecoach Community Area Plan
Development Code Updates

San Miguel County, Colorado

Code Amendments
Wright’s Mesa Master Plan

Silverton, Colorado

Land Use Code Rewrite

Snowmass Village, Colorado

Strategic Action Plan

Stapleton, Colorado

Green Development Standards

State of Colorado

Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation (and Updates)
Heritage Tourism Study

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Community Development Code
Community Plan Update
Mountain Town Area Design Standards
Public Transit, Fire, and Public Building Fee Program
Urban Design Standards and Entry Corridor Concepts

Steamboat Springs/Routt County, Colorado

Intergovernmental Agreement
West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan

Summit County, Colorado

Interim Transfer/Purchase of Development Rights Resolutions
Wildfire Planning and Regulations Assessment

Superior, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Update
Marshall Fire Community Planning Effort
Northwest Superior Subarea Plan

Thornton, Colorado

Comprehensive Plan Rewrite
Growth Management and Development Code
Sign Code and Revisions

Thornton Development Authority, Colorado

104th Avenue Site Blight Study
Northland Site Blight Study

Vail, Colorado

Transportation Impact Fee

Westminster, Colorado

Federal Boulevard Conditions and Blight Study
I-25 / Huron Street Area Conditions Survey
Urban Renewal Planning Study

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Envision Wheat Ridge Comprehensive Plan Update
Urban Renewal Plans for Wadsworth Boulevard/38th Avenue

Windsor, Colorado

East Side Industrial Subarea Plan

Connecticut Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)

Sustainable Model Code Provisions

New Castle County, Delaware

Zoning Ordinance Updates

Alachua, Florida

Land Development Revisions

Apopka, Florida

Land Development Code Update

Citrus County, Florida

Road, Park, School, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and Impact Fee Study/Impact Fee Legislation

Dade County, Florida

School Impact Fee and Legislation

Daytona Beach, Florida

Land Development Code Update

DeSoto County, Florida

Corridor Plan
Impact Fees for Libraries, Schools, Parks, Roads, General Government, Fire/Rescue, and Law Enforcement

Estero, Florida

Land Development Code Update

Islamorada, Florida

Workforce Housing Methodology

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Land Development Code
Zoning Ordinance

Lake Wales, Florida

Impact Fee Update

Lee County, Florida

Affordable Housing Mitigation Support Study
Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Report

Maitland, Florida

Land Development Code Update

Manatee County, Florida

Roads, Parks, Law Enforcement and Public Buildings

Marathon, Florida

Affordable Housing Mitigation Support Study and Ordinance Drafting

Miami Beach, Florida

Development Impact Mitigation System

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Sustainable Development and Building Code Project

Monroe County, Florida

Affordable Housing Mitigation Support Study
Development Code
Growth Management Plan and Land Use Code

Orange County, Florida

Transit-Oriented "Green" Development District

Palm Beach, Florida

Workforce Housing Mitigation Support Study

Palm Beach County, Florida

Land Development Code

Pompano Beach, Florida

Zoning Code

Sanibel, Florida

Appropriately-Sized Homes Issue Identification and Policy Options
Issue Identification and Policy Options

St. Lucie County, Florida

Zoning Ordinance
Coastal Regulations
Land Development Code

Tamarac, Florida

Land Development Code

Tampa, Florida

Road Financing Study

Volusia County, Florida

Coastal Area Management Plan

Effingham County, Georgia

Impact Fees

Hall County, Georgia

Unified Development Code

Savannah, Georgia

Design and Development Guidelines

Ada County, Idaho

Comprehensive Plan Update

Bannock County, Idaho

Comprehensive Plan

Blaine County, Idaho

2025 Visioning and Growth Management Strategies
Transfer of Development Rights Preliminary Design

Boise, Idaho

Affordable Housing Review
Blueprint Boise - Comprehensive Plan Update
Zoning Code Update

Ketchum, Idaho

Comprehensive Plan Update Assistance
Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations Update

State of Idaho

County Impediments to Fair Housing

Teton County, Idaho

Smart Growth Audit and PUD Revisions

Aurora, Illinois

Zoning Ordinance Update

Chicago, Illinois

O’Hare Airport Commercial Development Analysis

Oak Park, Illinois

Zoning and Sign Code Revisions

Rockford, Illinois

International Airport, Economic Development Assessment

Will County, Illinois

Land Resource Management Plan

Will County, Illinois- Third Chicago Airport

Airport Environs Planning and Protection

Bloomington, Indiana

Unified Development Code

Fort Wayne/Allen County, Indiana

Legislative Streamlining Project

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy Rezone Project

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Zoning Ordinance

Iowa City, Iowa

Preservation Plan Update

Kalaeloa, Hawaii

Sustainable Zoning Provisions

Hawaii County

Lava Flows Hazard Redevelopment Location Tools

Johnson County, Kansas

Countywide Visioning Services

Lenexa, Kansas

Comprehensive Plan Update and Design Standards

Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan (2003 and 2015)

Overland Park, Kansas

Design Guidelines and Standards

Riley County, Kansas

Targeted Zoning and Subdivision Regulations Update

Salina, Kansas

Gateway Corridor Study

Saline County, Kansas

Development Code Updates

Shawnee, Kansas

Comprehensive Plan Update Support

Jefferson County, Kentucky

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Ordinance

Lexington-Fayette Urban County, Kentucky

Planning and Development Approval Process Study

Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

Land Development Code
Sensitive Area Protection & Storm Water/Drainage Control Standards

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Historic District Master Plan

Howard County, Maryland

Land Development Regulations Assesment

Montgomery County, Maryland

Mixed-Use and Transit-Oriented Development District Revisions
Principles of Smart Growth Development

Prince George's County, Maryland

Zoning Ordinance Update
Park Impact Fees

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zoning Ordinance Reorganization

Detroit, Michigan

Zoning Ordinance

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Zoning Ordinance

State of Michigan

Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Transit-Oriented Development and Zoning Updates

Duluth, Minnesota

Unified Development Code

Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Council

Airport Area Mitigation Strategy

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Airport Land Use Compatibility Manual

Rochester, Minnesota

Land Development Manual Updates
Unified Development Code
Parkland Dedication

Biloxi, Mississippi

Land Development Ordinance

DeSoto County, Mississippi

Stewardship Plan

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Unified Development Ordinance

Tupelo, Mississippi

Comprehensive Plan Update

Chesterfield, Missouri

Zoning Ordinance

Clayton, Missouri

Urban Design District Standards

Columbia, Missouri

Zoning and Development Code

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Lee’s Summit M-150 Corridor Project

St. Louis County, Missouri

Sustainable Development Code

St. Louis Lambert Airport

Airport Environs Economic Development and Land-Use Planning Strategy

Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman Code Audit to Create and Preserve Housing
Comprehensive Plan Analysis
Impact Fee Ordinances

Gallatin County, Montana

Impact Fee Ordinances
Future Land Use Map & Regional Housing Strategy

Ravalli County, Montana

Draft Zoning Regulations

Omaha, Nebraska

Comprehensive Energy Management Plan

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Comprehensive Plan Update & Integrated Development Ordinance

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Affordable Housing Zoning Evaluation

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Zoning Code
Headwaters Wildfire Planning Projects

Silver City, New Mexico

Land Development Code

Albany, New York

Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance

Buffalo/Amherst/Tonawanda, New York

TOD Regulation Review

Marcy, New York

Development Code Update

Syracuse, New York

Zoning Ordinance Revision

Boulder City, Nevada

Master Plan Update

Carson City, Nevada

Master Plan Update, 2006
Downtown Mixed-Use District
Master Plan Update, 2023

Clark County, Nevada

Master Plan and Development Code Update

Henderson, Nevada

Boulder Highway Corridor Investment Strategy and Design Standards
Development Code Revisions
Downtown Investment Strategy
Downtown Ordinance Revisions
Fair Housing Training
Master Plan

Las Vegas, Nevada

Industrial Zone Districts Update

Nevada Regional Planning Coalition

Southern Nevada Regional Plan

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Apex Overlay District
Comprehensive Plan Update
Design Standards Review
Zoning Code Revisions

Regional Transportation Commission

Road Impact Fee Study/Road Impact Fee Legislation

Reno, Nevada

Land Development Code Update
Master Plan Update
Road Impact Fee Study/Road Impact Fee Legislation
Transit-Oriented Development Strategy
Wells Avenue Neighborhood Plan and Design Standards

Sparks, Nevada

Industrial Zoning Revisions / Code Assessment
Interim Transit-Oriented Development Regulations
TOD Corridor Plan and Design Standards

State of Nevada

Impediments to Fair Housing

Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency

Survey of Infill Barriers and Best Practices for the Truckee Meadows Region

Buncombe County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Camden County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Cary, North Carolina

Cary Community Plan
Development Review
Development Impact Point Rating System
Growth Management Plan
Unified Development Ordinance

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance
Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan
Charlotte Community Benefits Lookbook
Zoning Ordinance Assessment
TOD Zoning Regulations
CEDC Facilitation and Report

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Livable Communities Plan

Chatham County, North Carolina

Unified Development Code

Clemmons, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Cornelius, North Carolina

Housing Plan
Land Use Plan

Currituck County, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinance

Davidson, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Durham, North Carolina

Impact Fees

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Design Concepts for Village Center
Unified Development Ordinance Regulations

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Procedures Manual
Unified Development Ordinance

Graham, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Greensboro, North Carolina

Central Gateway Corridor Regulations and Design Guidelines
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Strategy
Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Greenville, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

High Point, North Carolina

Code Assessment
Updated Development Ordinance

Hillsborough, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinances

Hillsborough and Orange County, North Carolina

Phase I - Strategic Growth Plan and Land Use Plan
Phase II - Hillsborough-Orange Interlocal Land Management Agreement

Iredell County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinance

Johnston County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Kannapolis, North Carolina

Move Kannapolis Forward Comprehensive Plan
Unified Development Ordinance Update

Matthews, North Carolina

Sector Plan

Mooresville, North Carolina

OneMooresville Comprehensive Plan
Land Development Ordinance

New Hanover County, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinance Update

Morrisville, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinance
Town Center Code

Orange County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan Update
Southern Campus Master Plan and Implementation
Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update

Pittsboro, North Carolina

Unified Development Ordinance

Raleigh, North Carolina

Rail Transit-Oriented Development Strategy

Research Triangle Foundation

Zoning Issues Report

Statesville, North Carolina

Land Development Plan

Union County, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Wake County, North Carolina

PLANWake Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Growth Management Strategy

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Area Plan for the Northeast Quadrant

Washington, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Waxhaw, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Western Union County, North Carolina

Local Area Regional Transportation Plan

Wilson, North Carolina

Highway 301 Corridor Revitalization Strategy
Comprehensive Plan

West Fargo, North Dakota

Subdivision and Zoning Code Amendments

Dublin, Ohio

Bridge Street Corridor Zoning Regulations

Hamilton, Ohio

Form-based Zoning and Complete Streets

Hudson, Ohio

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
Growth Management Plan and Regulations

Youngstown, Ohio

Redevelopment Code

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Downtown Master Plan
Zoning Ordinance Update

Edmond, Oklahoma

Downtown Master Plan Study

Norman, Oklahoma

Norman 2025 Land Use and Transportation Plan

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Riverfront Strategic Action and Development Plan and Design Standards

Deschutes County, Oregon

Transferable Development Credits Study

Hillsboro, Oregon

AmberGlen Regional Center Zones and Development Regulations

Jackson County, Oregon

Land Development Ordinance

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Community Development Code Audit, Reorganization and Updates

State of Oregon

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Airport Environs Planning & Airport Parkway Protection Ordinance
Subdivision and Land Development Code

Chester, Pennsylvania

Climate Resiliency and Economic Development Study

Pennsylvania Trail Towns

Historic Preservation Plan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Sign Code
New Zoning Code

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Electronic Sign Regulation Review and Revisions
Urban Zoning Code

State College

Zoning Ordinance Update

State of Pennsylvania

Cost of Sprawl Study

Beaufort County, South Carolina

Lady's Island Small Area Plan
Countywide Form Based Code
Multi-Jurisdictional Impact Fees for Library, Parks, and Roads
North County Transportation Impact Fees
Southern Regional Plan
Impact Fees

Charleston, South Carolina

Zoning Code Rewrite

Charleston County, South Carolina

Form-Based District and Development Agreement

Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia Compass Comprehensive Plan (Housing Element)
Zoning and Land Development Regulations Rewrite

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Land Development Ordinance

Greenville, South Carolina

Design Standards and TOD/BRT District Provisions
Unified Development Ordinance

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Land Management Ordinance Rewrite

Jasper County, South Carolina

Land Use Planning and Ordinance Drafting

Lexington, South Carolina

Code Assessment

Lexington County, South Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Road Impact Fees

Orangeburg, South Carolina

Smart Growth and Sustainability Plan for Eastern Orangeburg County

Richland County, South Carolina

Comprehensive Plan
Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Regulations Rewrite
Code Amendments

Rock Hill, South Carolina

Comprehensive Plan
Growth Management Plan
Planning Services
Zoning Ordinance

Summerville, South Carolina

Park and Fire/EMS Development Impact Fees

Rapid City, South Dakota

Plan Rapid City – Comprehensive Plan Update

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Green Community Framework
Thrive 2055 Regional Plan

Forest Hills, Tennessee

Green Community Framework

Franklin, Tennessee

Central Franklin Plan
Comprehensive Plan and Development Code Rewrite
Future Land Use Plan
Zoning Ordinance

Maury County, Tennessee

Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Nashville, Tennessee

Urban Overlay Zoning District and Parking Standards

Nashville/Davidson County, Tennessee

Open Space Plan

Williamson County, Tennessee

Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update

Arlington, Texas

Development Code

Austin, Texas

Design Standards & Mixed-Use Ordinance
Residential Design Standards (Illustrations and Format)
Community Planning for Wildfire (CPAW) Pilot Project
Planning Consulting Services

Burleson, Texas

Zoning Ordinance

Cedar Hill, Texas

City Code

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Conservation District Study

Denton, Texas

Code Assessment
Denton Development Code Update

Irving, Texas

Development Code Revisions

McAllen, Texas

Historic District Master Plan

McKinney, Texas

Development Code Update

Mesquite, Texas

Unified Development Ordinance

New Braunfels, Texas

Unified Development Code

Rowlett, Texas

Unified Development Code

San Antonio, Texas

Historic Design Guidelines and Standards

State of Texas

Analysis of State-Level Impediments to Fair Housing

Sugar Land, Texas

Land Use Plan
RAC & NAC Implementation

Park City, Utah

Sensitive Lands Ordinance

Salt Lake City, Utah

Historic Preservation Plan
Riparian Protection Ordinance
Sustainable Development Code and Energy Efficiency/Conservation Strategy

Salt Lake County, Utah

Best Practices for Sustainable Communities
Sensitive Lands Protection Standards

Salt Lake County/Utah County

Jordan River – River Protection Handbook

State of Vermont

U.S. EPA/State of Vermont Local Government Disaster Recovery and Long-Term Flood Hazard Resiliency Manual

Culpepper, Virginia

Comprehensive Master Plan

Fairfax County, Virginia

Parking Stacking and Loading Regulations
Zoning Ordinance Modernization (zMOD)
Data Centers, Industrial, Office, and Retail Trends Research

Falls Church, Virginia

Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

Franklin County, Virginia

Code Update

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Comprehensive Plan Update
Unified Development Ordinance

Hanover County, Virginia

Comprehensive Plan Update

Hampton, Virginia

Zoning Ordinance

Henrico County, Virginia

Code Update
Code Assessment
Community Design Manual
Comprehensive Plan Update 2026
Comprehensive Plan Update 2045
Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Rewrite

Herndon, Virginia

Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

James City County, Virginia

Comprehensive Plan
JCC 2035 Strategic Plan

Loudoun County, Virginia

Amendments to Land Use Regulations
Code Implementation
Comprehensive Plan

Manassas, Virginia

Comprehensive Plan Update

Norfolk, Virginia

Zoning Ordinance Update

Portsmouth, Virginia

Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan
Training Manual Add On
Zoning Ordinance

Stafford County, Virginia

Development Code Assessment

Suffolk, Virginia

2026 Comprehensive Plan
2035 Comprehensive Plan

Vienna, Virginia

Maple Avenue Corridor Zoning Update

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Land Use Code Update

Washington, D.C.

Sustainable Code Revisions

Dodge County, Wisconsin

Land Development Ordinance

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Land Use Plan, Zoning Ordinance, & Development Code Update

Racine, Wisconsin

Zoning Code Update

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Plan Cheyenne (2006 and 2013 Update)

Converse County, Wyoming

Regional Growth Management Plan
Wind Energy Regulation Preliminary Scoping

Green River, Wyoming

Comprehensive Master Plan

Laramie, Wyoming

Unified Development Code

Park County, Wyoming

Land Use Plan Update

Riverton, Wyoming

Master Plan

Sheridan, Wyoming

North Main Street Revitalization Strategy

Sheridan County, Wyoming

Comprehensive Plan Teton County, Wyoming
Affordable Housing Support Study and Implementation Legislation

Teton County, Wyoming

Affordable Housing Support Study & Guidelines
Growth Management Policies
Land Use Code

Calgary, Alberta

Land Use Bylaw Review

Markham, Ontario

Zoning Bylaw Update Studies

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Zoning By-Law Revisions

Brunswick, Maine

New Zoning Ordinance

Our Work


Years of Effective Land Use Solutions


Community Plans


Land Use Regulations


Diverse Communities

  • Client Testimonials

    Albuquerque, NM | Integrated Development Ordinance



    “The Clarion team [was] able to respond to the concerns and issues raised by all stakeholders, and provided amazing insights throughout the entire process. Clarion Associates was absolutely the perfect consultant for this highly controversial project, and I would highly recommend them to any city that is in need of updating or replacing their existing regulatory system for zoning and development.”



    – Suzanne Lubar, Acting Planning Director


  • Client Testimonials

    Davidson, NC | Comprehensive Plan

    “Comprehensive planning is no easy task – extensive public engagement, competing stakeholder interests, consolidating a vision amongst a diverse community, and articulating actionable policies for implementation. That’s why the Town of Davidson chose to work with Leigh Anne King and her team at Clarion. As experienced comprehensive practitioners, we trusted Clarion to share their best practices from across the country with our community in the development of What’s Next, Davidson? Our community has high expectations specific to planning and Clarion was wholly up to the task. While the growth pressures facing Davidson are not unique, Clarion tailored our comprehensive plan strategy specifically to meet the needs of our engaged community. I’m particularly impressed with the extensive public engagement process Clarion led in Davidson. We had over 13,000 touchpoints with residents—one for each citizen! Clarion was also particularly receptive to the explicit needs of our community. We regularly hit up their team with questions on topics of concern in Davidson—growth management, historic preservation, process, and implementation. Clarion’s acute responsiveness and attention to detail in all facets of planning facilitated the development of a comprehensive plan reflective of our community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Clarion and am confident that What’s Next, Davidson? will serve our town exceptionally well in the coming years.”


  • Client Testimonials

    Sedona, AZ | Land Development Code Update


    “[Clarion] was very responsive to the oftentimes shifting priorities during this code re-write and were also great at diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of the old Code and assessing what was most needed.  They were always willing to share their concerns if they felt we were on the wrong track.  Since this project had a very significant public involvement component, the Clarion team was able to demonstrate great skill at facilitating meetings and focus groups, listening and extracting issues, and addressing concerns.  Clarion also identified and incorporated innovative new policies to address ongoing issues like affordable housing and sustainability, and established trust and respect in working with the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.  The Clarion Team as a whole [is] probably the best consulting group we have worked with in recent memory.”

    Karen Osburn, Assistant City Manager


  • Client Testimonials

    Columbia, SC | Columbia Compass Comprehensive Plan


    “The City of Columbia Planning Division had the pleasure of working with a team from Clarion Associates, on our ten-year update to the housing element of the comprehensive plan.  As part of the larger comprehensive plan update, Leigh Anne and her team approached the task at hand in a collaborative manner, ensuring that their work on the housing element took an inclusive and comprehensive approach in tying to the rest of the plan elements, which were updated concurrently, both in-house and through contracts with other consultants. Throughout the planning process, we found their attention to detail, their willingness to help strategize with overall project management, their thoughtful approach to public and stakeholder input, their adherence to the overall schedule, and their comprehensive analysis to be critical to the success of Columbia Compass.”

    Leigh DeForth, AICP, Comprehensive Planner


  • Client Testimonials

    Carbondale, CO | Unified Development Ordinance



    “[Clarion] was able to connect with our community members during the process. The process was well-thought-out and the public was engaged at all times. Clarion demonstrated flexibility to revise the code based on feedback, or if not, to clearly explain why the code shouldn’t be revised.  The result is a Unified Development Ordinance which is embraced by the community as it reflects the community’s values.”


    Janet Buck,  Planning Director



  • Client Testimonials

    Mooresville, NC | OneMooresville Comprehensive Plan



    “Clarion’s team went out of their way to make the planning process as comfortable as possible for the Town of Mooresville. Their commitment to providing best planning practice in their work, ensuring clear communication throughout the process, and making the project fun for all was second to none. They worked as outstanding professionals from plan kickoff to adoption. The Town of Mooresville is thoroughly pleased with our new OneMooresville Comprehensive Plan and would highly recommend them to anyone for their next planning project.”


    Rawls Howard, Director of Planning and Community Development