Unanimous Adoption in Buena Vista and Glenwood Springs

September 12, 2018

In the central Colorado town of Buena Vista, Clarion worked with staff, a steering committee, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Trustees to prepare substantially updated development regulations to implement a newly adopted Comprehensive Plan. The new Unified Development Code (UDC) establishes clearer standards for redevelopment and infill in the historic town’s central core, as well as new development in growing neighborhoods. Improvements include a new suite of mixed-use zoning districts, new design standards for the mixed-use districts (including Main Street), and clarified and simplified procedures for the evaluation and approval of development applications. The new UDC was adopted unanimously in March 2018.

In the Colorado city of Glenwood Springs, famous for its hot springs and surrounding mountains, Clarion worked closely with staff, a project advisory group, the Planning Commission, and the City Council to overhaul the City’s Land Development Code. One important project goal was streamlining the City’s cumbersome development review procedures, under which developers were often required to submit detailed engineered and design plans early in the process – resulting in lengthy review times with no guarantee of approval. New tools to streamline the system include greater use of administrative approvals and a simplified, three-tier site plan review process. Clarion also introduced a new lineup of zoning districts to achieve the desired redevelopment based on recent planning efforts north of the Colorado River, and new sensitive area protection standards to accommodate reasonable development with minimal disruption to the natural environment. The updated regulations were adopted unanimously in August 2018.