New Resource: FHA Group Living Standards Handouts

One of the most effective ways to support equitable housing access is to implement the Fair Housing Act—something many communities struggle with! Don’t let the complexity of federal housing law deter you. Understand the basics of fair housing and how the Act impacts local zoning regulations with this handy three-page handout! FHAA-Group-Living-Decision-Handout-3pgs 

Rethinking Parking Requirements

November 29, 2022
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By Geoff Green, AICP For decades, automobiles have defined how our communities look and function. Most zoning ordinances require every new home, business, or factory to provide enough parking spaces to accommodate everyone who might drive there at the same time. This means many of our places have been designed more to fit cars than

Foundations In County-wide Planning

August 25, 2022

by Darcie White, AICP While the basic components of comprehensive plans for counties are similar to those found in comprehensive plans for cities and towns, county plans require a tailored approach. Size is a key consideration, particularly in western states, where counties are especially large. For example, San Bernadino County, California, the largest county in