Clarion Loves College Towns & March Madness 2022

March 18, 2022

Over the last 30 years, Clarion Associates has partnered with many cities and counties that counted a college or university as a core part of their communities. That’s why it’s so exciting to see our partners featured and celebrated during the competition! This year’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments include 68 men’s and 68 women’s institutions. 22 of the men’s and 31 of the women’s teams call our past partner communities home. We wish them luck this March!

We have noticed that these institutions can have a significant impact on our partners in ways that can affect the needs of a plan, ordinance, or study:

  • Student housing needs to be accounted for, either by the institution, in the community, or, usually, by some combination. We also see communities that plan for or accommodate private suppliers of student housing which becomes a key land use to understand.
  • Entrepreneurship from colleges can spin off new start-up businesses, making it important for communities to be ready with provisions for business incubators and flexible space.
  • Workforce training can be a critical part of a region’s economic development strategies, whether considering degrees or dedicated workforce training programs.
  • Expanding footprints of colleges and universities over time can infuse activity into regenerating a downtown, affect what property is on tax rolls, or help share the costs and planning of key transit.

We’re always ready to welcome new college towns and work with them on their land-use needs, and we’re excited to watch the ones we already support.

NCAA Tournament 2022 Highlights:

  • 22/68 men’s teams are from Clarion community partners
  • 31/68 women’s teams are from Clarion community partners
  • 4 men’s games in the round of 64 are between Clarion community partners
  • Every game in the women’s Greensboro region round of 64 includes at least 1 Clarion community partner