Tiny Houses are Still on Our Minds

June 19, 2020
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As Clarion Associates works with our community partners to plan and zone for innovative new types of housing, Tiny Houses are always a topic of discussion. In fact, they seem to be getting more attention as unemployment figures rise and an economic downturn seems more likely.  Discussions about Tiny Houses tend to be confused, however, because different speakers mean different things when they picture one of these smaller units. Some think about an Accessory Dwelling Unit, while others picture the primary house on a residential lot. Some are talking about using them as groupings of transitional units for those experiencing homelessness, while others ask why pocket neighborhoods of Tiny Houses cannot be built for the general public.  Some are picturing factory-built products that meet HUD safety standards, while others are picturing something only slightly more permanent than a recreational vehicle, and still, others are thinking of building a Tiny House in their back yard. 

To help encourage more productive conversations about Tiny Houses, Clarion Associates has produced three handouts.   

  • The second handout identifies five different ways that Tiny House can be fit into communities, and is available here: Tiny House Siting Handout
  • The third includes a draft structure for Tiny House Community regulations that can be tailored by cities and counties that want to consider approving Tiny Home pocket neighborhoods for the general public.  Tiny House Pocket Neighborhood Standards

Clarion Associates hopes you find these resources helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Tiny Houses – or any other innovative approaches to housing.