August 2023 – State Conferences – Team Updates – Recent Publications

September 20, 2023

We hope to see you at these APA State Conferences!

APA Georgia – Savannah – Sept 20-22

Planning for Coastal Resiliency

On Thursday, Sept 21, Geoff Green and a panel of speakers will present different approaches and frameworks for planning for coastal resiliency in the southeastern U.S. Geoff will provide an overview of Charleston’s ongoing comprehensive zoning code update, which is focused on developing an elevation-based zoning ordinance that will address the impacts of future sea level rise. The panel will also discuss project trends and tools in Florida including the Resilient Florida Program, and Chatham County’s history and upcoming work on a countywide resiliency plan, in conjunction with City of Savannah and FEMA.

APA Colorado – Colorado Springs – Sept 27-29

Converting Office Buildings to Housing is Harder Than You Think

Don Elliott will present with others on this panel on Wednesday, Sept 27.  This session will explore the many challenges, including zoning, building and fire codes, financing constraints, and the nuts-and-bolts of conversion in a current conversion project.

Applying the APA Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

Now that APA has approved the Equity in Zoning Policy Guide, it is time to start applying it. Join Don Elliott, Jenny Baker, and other panelists on Friday, Sept 29 to learn more. This workshop will summarize the content of the new Policy Guide and then present two scenarios and ask participants to apply the approved equity principles to actual zoning ordinance regulations and to recommend needed changes to those regulations to improve equity.

APA Michigan – Grand Traverse – Oct 4-6

Keynote Luncheon | APA Equity in Zoning Policy Guide: An Overview and Into Action

The American Planning Association’s recently adopted Equity in Zoning Policy builds on the AICP Code of Ethics, and underscores the ethical obligation that planners who “write,
administer, or enforce zoning regulations take clear steps to avoid or “undo” unfair outcomes and unequal ability to participate or influence the zoning process. On Thursday, Oct 5, Don Elliott will present the origins of zoning disparities and how development of this guide provides planners with the tools to mitigate them.

APA North Carolina – Durham – Oct 11-13

Taking the Broad View: Counties Planning for Compact and Equitable Growth

Counties are in a unique position to view land use planning across jurisdictions and see the broader landscape of issues within their boundary. While they don’t have direct authority over municipal planning, they can leverage this perspective to serve as conveners, influencers, and partners to support compact, equitable, and fiscally sound land use planning. Join Leigh Anne King and others at this session on Wednesday, Oct 11 to hear from planners in Buncombe and Wake Counties about recently adopted comprehensive plans that aim for implementation of the broader view.

Equity in Zoning: Applying APA’s Policy Guide

Join David Henning on Friday, Oct 13. This workshop will help participants apply the Equity in Zoning Policy Guide through practical examples addressing use regulations, development standards, rezoning and development review procedures, and zoning map amendments. In each case, a specific scenario developed by Equity in Zoning Guide authors applies approved policies to specific situations to identify how to reduce or remove discriminatory impacts and – equally importantly – avoid causing unintended negative impacts on historically disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

APA Texas – Corpus Christi – Nov 8-10

Changing Tides: Stories from Code Overhaul Survivors and Utilizing the Development Community to Help

Join Matt Goebel, with a panel of planners from McKinney, Texas, on Thursday, November 9, as they share their secrets to successfully navigating a major update for a 40-year-old code! They’ll address important considerations such as: assembling the right team, building project momentum, engaging with the development community, finding creative ways to capture layers of feedback, and – of course – gaining critical buy-in for comprehensive change! The panelists will also share some critical lessons learned along the way.

Team Updates – New Associate!

Christy Fierros

Christy has joined the Denver office after recently completing her Master’s in City and Regional Planning, specializing in Land Use and Environmental Planning and Natural Hazards Resilience from UNC Chapel Hill. She approaches planning issues from multiple angles, influenced by her experiences in teaching in under-resourced schools, mapping parcels in local government, and natural hazard resiliency research. Christy is originally from Tucson, Arizona and she says the best way to spend the weekend is “cooking vegetables and spending as much time as possible outdoors.”  We’re so glad to have you on the team, Christy!


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